Why Does My Child Need Their Baby Teeth Extracted?

Kids occasionally need their baby teeth extracted (yikes!). We know. No parent wants to hear that. If an orthodontist like Dr. Backinger told us that, we’d have questions! Why is extraction for kids necessary? How does it benefit your child’s smile? Our Summit Orthodontics team is here to guide you through these decisions. We want our Jackson and Charlotte neighbors to know what to expect when extracting baby teeth comes up in conversation. 

Understanding Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are the first set of teeth in your child’s mouth. They typically show up around six months of age. These tiny teeth do make adorable smiles. They also serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth that follow. Baby teeth help adult teeth emerge in their correct positions. Beyond this, they play a pivotal role in assisting children to chew food properly. Successful chewing is essential for nutrition and the development of clear speech.

However, the journey of baby teeth doesn’t last forever. They completely emerge from age six until about 12. It’s a natural progression that is vital for the development of a healthy, grown-up grin. But sometimes, the path for these emerging permanent teeth needs some help. And that’s where our Summit Orthodontics team comes in. 

Reasons for Baby Teeth Extraction

Losing baby teeth is a standard part of growing up. Certain situations call for the early extraction of baby teeth. Why might Dr. Backinger refer your kiddos to a dentist for extraction? When is it needed?


Overcrowding happens when there is not enough room in your kid’s mouth for permanent teeth to come in correctly. This situation can cause baby teeth to grow a bit off-kilter. Extracting one or more baby teeth can allow permanent teeth to align. Summit Orthodontics carefully assesses each case to determine if we should refer your little one to a dentist for extraction. Not all kids need extraction. But some do. 

Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth becomes blocked from erupting into its proper spot. Impacted teeth often happen when baby teeth linger too long. When they do, they prevent the permanent teeth from coming in. By removing the baby teeth that are causing the blockage, a dentist can help the impacted permanent teeth to erupt naturally. Extraction aids in correctly forming your child’s bite. Moreover, it helps offset potential damage to teeth and gums.

Orthodontic Preparation

In some cases, extracting baby teeth is a strategic move. It prepares your kiddo for future orthodontic treatment, such as braces or aligners. Removing specific baby teeth can help guide the remaining teeth into better positions. If a dentist does it at the right time, extraction facilitates a smoother and sometimes shorter orthodontic process. 

Why Does My Child Need Their Baby Teeth Extracted?

The Extraction Process

Understanding what to expect during the baby teeth extraction process can help ease any concerns you and your child might have. Our Summit Orthodontics team does not perform extractions on-site. Rather, we have a network of amazing dental professionals we rely on to perform extractions. How each office operates might look a little different. But here’s a closer look at the extraction process as a whole. 

Consultation and Evaluation

First, the dentist will evaluate your child’s teeth and discuss treatment goals. During this visit, their dental team will use the latest diagnostic tools to assess your child’s oral health and tooth positioning. This comprehensive evaluation helps them determine if extraction is necessary. If it is, the evaluation tells them which teeth need to be removed. No two extractions are the same. Your kids’ extractions will be what’s best for them, not what was best for the family down the street. 

Extraction Explained

If the dentist recommends extraction, they’ll walk you and your child through the procedure step by step. You will both know what to expect. The extraction process is generally quick and involves minimal discomfort. Local anesthesia numbs the area, making the procedure as painless as possible. Dental teams work hard to create calm, supportive environments. They help to alleviate any anxiety your child may feel. 

Aftercare and Recovery

Following the extraction, your dentist will provide detailed aftercare instructions. Follow them to give your kiddo a smooth and speedy recovery. You’ll get advice on pain management, oral hygiene practices, and dietary recommendations to avoid complications. Your dental team will be available to answer any questions and provide support throughout the recovery process. But our team at Summit Orthodontics is still here, too! Proper aftercare heals and prepares the mouth for subsequent stages of orthodontic treatment, if necessary. With the appropriate care and attention, your child will return to their usual activities in no time. 

Common Concerns Addressed

Both parents and children have concerns about the extraction of baby teeth. Our Summit Orthodontics team understands these worries. We’re here to address them so that you feel confident and informed throughout the process. One common concern is the fear and anxiety associated with dental procedures. All the dentists we work with are experts at easing patients’ fears. They employ gentle techniques and a comforting approach that make all the difference. 

Dentists also understand the importance of timing in the extraction process. Deciding when to remove a baby tooth involves carefully considering your child’s oral health development and overall well-being. We work closely with other dental professionals and families to make these decisions. Our team provides guidance based on years of experience and a deep commitment to the best outcomes for your child. Trusting in the expertise at Summit Orthodontics means knowing that every step taken is with your child’s brightest smile in mind.

Why Does My Child Need Their Baby Teeth Extracted?

Expect Excellent Extractions at Summit Orthodontics

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