Fun Things to Do In Jackson, MI

Exploring fun things to do in Jackson, MI will add some excitement to your visit to Summit Orthodontics. Maybe you’re swinging by for an appointment with Dr. Backinger. Or, you could be visiting the area. Regardless, Jackson is brimming with activities that promise a welcome break from your routine. With locations in Jackson and Charlotte, MI, Summit Orthodontics is your go-to spot for friendly and professional orthodontic care. This blog focuses on the Jackson area, where history, art, and outdoor pleasures await.

Outdoor Activities

Jackson, MI, is a haven for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Are you a family looking for a fun day out? A couple seeking a bit of adventure? Jackson has the perfect spot for you. 

Ella Sharp Park

Ella Sharp Park is a real treat for families and sports enthusiasts. Picture this: you’ve got a sunny afternoon, loads of green space, and plenty of options to keep everyone entertained. There’s a mini-disc golf course that’s perfect for a friendly competition. Or, if you’re feeling more traditional, check out the 18-hole golf course. Not a golfer? No worries! The park also boasts fantastic trails for hiking and a variety of sports fields. 

Fun Things to Do In Jackson, MI

Falling Waters Trail and Clark Lake Spirit Trail

These trails offer miles of serene beauty, perfect for biking, walking, or a brisk jog. Falling Waters Trail is especially renowned for its paved paths, which make it accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. Meanwhile, Clark Lake Spirit Trail wraps around a picturesque lake, offering tranquil views and plenty of fresh air. It’s the perfect way to unwind and recharge, all while staying active.

Museums and Cultural Attractions

Jackson, MI, is also a treasure trove of history and culture. If you’re keen to add a dash of learning to your outdoor adventures, these spots will not disappoint. Both kids and adults can soak up some serious knowledge (and have a great time doing it!).

Michigan Military Heritage Museum

Step into the Michigan Military Heritage Museum and go back in time. This museum is a tribute to Michigan’s bravest. It tells the tales of local veterans through well-preserved artifacts and captivating exhibits. Every display is a story of courage and sacrifice that has shaped our nation. Kids and adults alike can explore uniforms, medals, and weaponry up close. The museum makes history come alive in a way that books can’t match. it’s an experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for our military’s past and present.

Lost Railway Museum

All aboard! Venture into the golden age of rail travel at the Lost Railway Museum. You’ll discover how Jackson was once a bustling hub for rail lines. The museum showcases beautifully restored rail cars and provides insights into the life and times when trains were the heartbeat of America. The Lost Railway Museum will help you and your family understand the impact of railroads on everyday life and the mobility of Americans. Ideal for curious minds, this museum offers interactive exhibits. They engage visitors of all ages. 

Fun Things to Do In Jackson, MI

Arts and Entertainment

Jackson, MI, sparkles with creativity. Our city has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene that’s great for rounding out a fun-filled day. From eye-catching murals to engaging performances, there’s something to spark everyone’s interest.

Bright Walls Mural Festival

The streets of downtown Jackson transform into a canvas during the Bright Walls Mural Festival. This annual event brings artists from around the globe to paint large-scale murals. Each one tells a particular story and adds a splash of color to our city’s walls. It’s an opportunity to explore the transforming power of creativity and how it can beautify and rejuvenate our community. Strolling through the streets of Jackson becomes a visual adventure. So, if you need an amazing background for your Instagram feed, look no further. 

Art 634

At Art 634, creativity thrives in a historic building that buzzes with artistic energy. This cultural hub hosts a variety of studios and galleries where local artists display their work. Looking for live concerts? How about art shows and interactive workshops? Art 634 serves as a gathering place for creative minds. Whether you’re looking to unwind with some live music, purchase unique art, or engage in a hands-on, creative workshop, Art 634 offers a welcoming space to experience the arts in Jackson.

Unique Local Experiences

Jackson, MI, is full of cool spots that offer plenty of ways to make memories. From classic eats to thrilling activities, our local favorites will spice up any visit.

Jackson Coney Dogs

For a taste of local flavor, nothing beats a Jackson Coney Dog. This hometown favorite has been a staple for over a century. Stepping into a place like Jackson Coney Island is like taking a bite of history—each Coney Dog is a delicious link to the past. The secret? A snappy hot dog, a steamed bun, and that all-important meaty topping. Grabbing a Coney is a must-have for any visitor looking to experience real Michigan comfort food. 

Fun Things to Do In Jackson, MI

Axe Play

Ready to hurl some excitement into your trip? Head to Axe Play, where you can test your aim in one of the coolest ways possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an axe-throwing aficionado. The lanes at Axe Play offer a fun challenge that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s the perfect activity for friends and families looking to add a bit of edge to their day. Plus, it’s a great way to work up an appetite before hitting the local dining scene.

Fun Things to Do In Jackson, MI

Summit Orthodontics in Jackson, MI

Summit Orthodontics is proud to call Jackson, MI, home. But don’t forget about our equally stellar location in Charlotte! Once you’re done browsing the sights, make a point to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Backinger. We’ll give you a smile you can take back home with you!