Why Choose Summit Orthodontics for Braces in Jackson, MI?

Summit Orthodontics is renowned for its comprehensive approach to orthodontic care, offering a variety of braces options to suit every need and preference. From traditional metal braces to the latest in clear and lingual braces, our expert team is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your smile transformation.

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Understanding the Essential Components of Metal Braces in Jackson, MI

Metal braces, a cornerstone of orthodontic treatment in Jackson, MI, are comprised of several critical components, each meticulously designed to move your teeth into the perfect alignment. Here, we delve into the pivotal parts that make metal braces an effective solution for transforming smiles.

Brackets: The Foundation
Attached to each tooth, brackets act as the main anchor for the braces system, holding the wires that move the teeth. They're the starting point of your transformation journey, expertly bonded to ensure durability and effectiveness.

Archwires: The Path to Alignment
These thin, yet powerful, wires are the force behind your braces. They thread through brackets, exerting gentle pressure to guide teeth into their ideal positions, making them essential in shaping your new smile.

Bands: The Support System
Placed around the molars, bands reinforce the braces structure, providing the necessary support for the archwires and elastics. They're a critical element in ensuring the stability of the entire orthodontic apparatus.

Elastics: Precision Alignment
Often known as rubber bands, elastics are pivotal for correcting bite issues. They link brackets and bands, applying specific pressures needed to align your bite and perfect your smile.

Exploring the Elegance of Clear Braces
Mirroring the design of metal braces, clear braces offer a discreet alternative. Comprising brackets, wires, and bands, this system aligns your teeth with a subtlety that appeals to those seeking a less noticeable orthodontic solution. Popular for their aesthetic appeal, clear braces deliver the same effective treatment with a touch of finesse.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Orthodontic Family

At Summit Orthodontics, you'll find comfort and confidence in our friendly team led by Dr. Jessica Backinger.

Our practice proudly serves patients of all ages in Jackson, Charlotte, and the surrounding communities. We offer a range of comfortable and modern orthodontic treatment options — including braces & Invisalign — tailored to meet your unique needs.