My son needed orthodontic treatment and based on referrals and peer advice we chose Summit Orthodontics. Best decision ever. Dr. B and the staff are so fun and caring. They pay attention to their patients interests, are typically running fun drawings or sponsoring challenges in the office making their patients excited about coming in. Dr. B and her family have even gone so far as to support my kids 4H projects! She has seen my other two children at little to no cost to give recommendations on treatment (preventative for my middle who may not need braces now). The staff makes orthodontics “cool” and I could not imagine a better experience for my kids.

-Shelby Knack

Dr. B is fantastic, she has the best relationship with all of her patients and she takes the time to get to know them which helps create a more relaxed atmosphere. She has fun with all of her patients and treats them all as individuals.

-Kayla Henry